Obama: Election Losses Not My Fault

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs denied today that President Obama was “upset” about Republican victories in the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey.

“The President isn’t upset at all,” said Gibbs.  “He didn’t even watch the returns, following a long tradition in his career.  He didn’t watch them last night and he didn’t watch them one year ago; in fact, he wasn’t even aware he had won the presidency until Barbra Streisand sent him a Thanksgiving turkey in the shape of the White House.”

When pressed to respond to allegations that voters are turning against the manna-from-heaven reforms touted by Democrats, Gibbs said, “Hey – the president ain’t the problem.  If he had been on the ballot we would have creamed those losers.  A president this wonderful deserves to be on every ticket for every race in this country, and if we can just get the Supremes to play ball with us this will be a reality before you can say ‘one party rule’.”

Gibbs said that trial runs of this strategy are already in place, stating that the mayoral race in Festus, Missouri is now between Republican Greg Lewis and Democrat Harold Obama-Hickson.  The president plans to watch tonight’s World Series game six with newly elected New York congressman Bill-Barack Owens and Academy Award winning actor Philip Seymour Obama-Hoffman.

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