Biden Offers New Strategy on Afghanistan

Vice President Joe Biden appears to have altered his stance on how to defeat al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.  After publicly promoting the concept of “counterterrorism,” which involves more surgical strikes using drones and less troops on the ground, the latest entry in his web log “Biden My Time” reveals a new strategy.

“Let’s face it – Afghanistan is like a giant dumpster out in the middle of the Mojave Desert,” he writes.  “Rather than continue to waste our time trying to salvage this rat hole, I say we black out the country on all maps and globes, or at least rename it ‘Beverly Hills.'”

The Vice President went on to list all of the breakfast cereals he had eaten that week and what programs on VH1 he had taped for the upcoming weekend.

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  1. I live in a near-parallel universe where the US Vice President has important responsibilities and does not trivialize his office by listing breakfast food.

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